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December 18, 2007
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“Hnn…” Schrödinger moaned as Hans pushed into him roughly. Hans growled at the unwanted noise. Schrödinger’s incessant moaning distracted him from what he came there to do. Schrödinger was simply stress relief to Hans, or so he thought. Schrödinger moaned again, a bit louder. Hans growled again. Schrödinger stopped immediately. He was very scared of Hans, as he was so much bigger and more powerful.

Hans began thrusting into him. Schrödinger’s eyes welled up with tears of pain and pleasure. He wanted to moan, to call out his lover’s name so badly, but Hans would never permit him to. If he made a single sound during sex, Hans would dig his claws into Schrödinger’s soft, sensitive stomach. Schrödinger had to endure for as long as he could, though he always ended up moaning and getting his stomach dug into by the werewolf’s claws.

Hans began thrusting harder and faster, almost splitting his small lover in half. Schrödinger was trying his hardest to keep from screaming Hans’ name over and over. He bit his lip until it bled; he grasped and tore the bed sheets, but nothing could stop the inevitable. Schrödinger’s release came, and he screamed out, “Oh mein Gott! Hans! Hans!” Hans growled loudly and dug his claws into Schrödinger’s stomach.  Blood poured from the fresh wound. Schrödinger was left gasping and panting, not only from pain, but from his release.

Hans merely continued banging his little fuck toy. Schrödinger felt Hans’ back arch as he met his release, coming inside of him. Hans groaned a little and pulled out of Schrödinger, lying next to him, looking away. Hans never looked at him after sex, mostly because he could keep himself from blushing when he did. Hans had deep feelings for him that went far beyond lust, but no one, not even Schrödinger himself, could no about it. In World War II, the Nazis executed gays; they still did. However, a male fuck toy was understood.

Schrödinger felt similarly, but he didn’t give a shit about what the Nazis would do. Schrödinger always wished that Hans would care for him, but he dismissed these wishes as if they were those of a foolish child. He had decided long ago to not push these idealistic dreams into reality. Schrödinger looked up at Hans, but turned to face the other way, disappointed that he was not looking at him. Again. He began to sleep, dreaming of some alternate life where he and Hans could be together.

Hans could hear the gentle breathing that announced Schrödinger’s sleep. He faces Schrödinger’s back and looked him over. He still had the body of a teenager, with a thin, lanky frame and gentle soft muscle lines. Hans thought he was truly gorgeous and was completely smitten. He wanted so badly to just wrap his arms around him, but he knew he couldn’t. For now, he was content just watching him sleep. No, he told himself, don’t be contented on that; follow your heart. Hans scoffed himself, the great captain, Hans Günsche, would never fall in love. And even if he did, Schrödinger wouldn’t feel the same way. He was getting ready to turn over, when he heard Schrödinger moan his name in his sleep. Hans face covered with blush as his mind filled with thoughts of his young lover, of Schrödinger… His Schrödinger. In an instant, Hans knew that he had to take a chance and follow his heart.
I think these two are so cute together. ^^ This part one to a fan fiction series I am writing. I don't own Hellsing or its characters, Kohta Hirano does. My preview picture is from the gallery of :iconanubismito:. Thank you so much for letting me use the picture!
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OrangeLightning123 Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
even after all these years, this is still my favorite fanfic. 
Hellsing-Lover13 Apr 3, 2014  Professional Writer
Glad you like it!
so damn cute *fangirl scream* nobody should touch my captain but god schro is so cute with him as long as i get to watch he can fuck him till the world ends
Hellsing-Lover13 Jan 18, 2012  Professional Writer
Lol, totally know how you feel!
faf but they are like the perfect couple tho complete opposites bout sexy in their own way mmmmm *drools*
Vampchicky00 Apr 25, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
-fills up of tears of love- T.T!!!
Hellsing-Lover13 May 14, 2010  Professional Writer
I'm glad you like it ^^
das war toll^^ (I hope you understand german..xD I don´t know..Normally I don´t like yaoi-pairings..but this was cute in a way..^^)
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